Week 14 Broadcasts


Just like last week, here is a list of broadcasts that I know about for this week's playoff games. This worked out great for me last week, having them all in one location. I was able to play one game for a while, then pause it and go to the next one for a bit, then back, etc.

If you know of any broadcasts that aren't listed here, please let me know and I'll get them added to this post.

Friday, November 26

Anton vs Klondike

5:30pm in Slaton

Happy vs Valley
6:00pm in Dimmitt

Gordon vs Strawn
6:00pm in Breckenridge

Motley County vs Jayton
6:00pm in Idalou

Abbott vs Coolidge
7:30pm in Mexia

Westbrook vs Sterling City
7:30pm in Colorado City

Saturday, November 27

May vs Water Valley

6:00pm in Robert Lee

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The Strawn - Gordon video and audio broadcasts on the SHS/Microplex News were frustrating to many, Julie included I feel sure. If anybody wants to watch the second half with excellent video and audio quality here it is. With an exclamation point for the end of the game. Thanks Julie and Cliff.