Week 10 picks


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Congrats to Gordon and Lingleville for making the playoffs one week early!

Gordon 60 Lingleville 14 - Right now it looks like the winner faces Santa Anna and the loser gets Rochelle next week.

Gustine 62 Evant 32 - Should be close early on but I see Gustine pulling away late.

Shad Kline

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I would have to agrre with olderelk on this one. IMO, Evant was the better of the two. I don't know how many Sr.'S Evant has, but I see a very good team in the near future for the Elks.
Gordon +45
Evant +14.


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There are 5 srs, 3 jrs, 1 soph.
We have 7 freshmen this year. (Jr. High was 8-1 last year)
Stats updated 11/14/2012
Freshmen had 2350 of 2871 rushing yds. 82%
Freshmen had 317 of 877 passing yds. (receiving) 36%
Freshmen had 294 of 526 tackles. 56%
Freshmen had 307 of 555 points. 55%


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Im willing to wager on Evant being in the playoffs sometime in the next year or three. This freshman class is the first class of not playing any eleven man and I think that makes a big difference.


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Evant should be slightly favored over Lingleville next year, although Lingleville will return their top couple of players. I expect Evant to make the playoffs next year. I dont see Gordon moving from first place as they have a lot of talent returning and some good players moving up from JV and JH.