Way Too Early TAPPS 2019 Predictions


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Coach Adams, let me be the first on the board to say I was wrong about your 2018 team. Given the number of players and the youth on the team I looked for your team to win 3-4 games....boy was I wrong!

Your staff and players did a fine job this year. You guys are one of my early teams to watch for next year.
Maybe if the T.A.P.P.S. uses two divisions again, Baytown and Allen can have a district matchup.

Jumping ahead, any early commits for the 2019 Allen Classic?


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Test em and War Eagle this is not about whining at all. This isnt something that has been observed just since they won state. There is a pattern here that is very unusual. Historically unusual (minus Cleveland Heritage).

Vincent I respect your perspective and agree kids that have an opportunity to get a better education should do so. However, if you do your homework and look deeper then tell me how many girls transferred to Baytown, how many non athletes transferred to Baytown to get this better education (now don't go reading that wrong, I am sure Baytown Christian offers a great education for kids).

Everyone of you have valid remarks (good education, opportunities good parents, good coaches etc.).

Nonetheless the point that cannot be denied is that there is a huge obvious anomaly here. Transfers of better education seeking kids happen all the time, periodically good athletes transfer in along with many non athletic types. Not the case here. There is a solid pattern. 7-3 year I get that I observed that. Go out and get three more studs to add to that and now we are 14-0 demolishing everyone.

Speaking of that lets talk to that point briefly. Small Tapps private school division III football.
This is obvious and historic that most (75%) of these kids that play small school tapps sixman football would probably not even have the opportunity to play football at the local public schools. I know many of you know exactly what I am talking about.
If you want to play the "going to private school to get a quality education" which I agree with (EDUCATION) then you also have to acknowledge the fact that many of these (non stud athletes) whilst getting a good private school education like to augment their education with athletic participation.
Two points:

1. How are the kids who have been going to Baytown for many years waiting for an opportunity to play high school football feel when their last two years or more they get to ride the pine because 6 or more stud athletes who came over to get a better opportunity just happen to be studs athletes. Seems like a raw deal to me.

2. The 95% of the rest of the private school teams div III albeit 8-14 kids on a team without stud transfers maybe 1-2 studs that have been at the school since grade school get to all of sudden get their brains pounded in by 5A athletes (albeit most getting solid looks from college recruiters)

Now before you jump on the small school whiners everybody gets a trophy platform. Stop and look at what is really being said here. This is not a I want everybody to get a trophy. This is a statement on creating a reasonable and fair playing field for all. I accept that there are going to be state champions and district champions and there are going to be 45's.

However, this is a true anomaly and to state otherwise is sticking your head in the sand.

Really try hard to take a look at how this is an anomaly in small school private Tapps football.
Regardless of the typical points about transfers and legality etc.
Is this really where we want Tapps sixman football to go.

There are more reasons that this needs to not be the norm than just (they won the state title and I am whining)

If you are really interested in keeping the integrity of tapps sixman football intact and providing opportunities to grow kids then this will bother you.

If this continues then it only will end up hurting the opportunities for tapps sixman football coaches and programs to make a difference because it will go the route of select ball.

If this is truly a two year anomaly as stated and 5 years from now we all look back and say wow that was an unusually athletic team that benefited from an unusual flood of transfers, and it doesnt keep happening. Then I think tapps will continue to meet its mission.

I am encouraging dialogue on this as I think it is an important cross roads for small school Tapps sixman football.

I am not encouraging mud slinging and bad mouthing. In this era of select ball. This is a real thing.
Okay pup, like I said leave these kids alone.. stop hiding behind a screen.. go up to baytown Christian and voice your concerns... it’s people like you that take the joy away from these kids... you’d have a point if Baytown beat every team 100-0 .. I mean they only beat weatherford by 15 and was up 2 at the half.. weatherford was undefeated so should we look and see if they got any transfer students in???

Again, if you have a problem why don’t you go up to Baytown Christian and voice your concerns to the administration...

It’s time for someone to start standing up for these kids and I’m the one to do it... I could care less if I coach I’m not going to sit here and let you GROWN folks come on this site and do this to these kids...

Anything else you would like to talk about I can be reached at 972-897-2841

I’m not an internet talker.. I can meet face to face.. eye to eye... if you will be at AT&T for the uil games come find me and we can discuss in person and I can try to get a better understanding of this my brother..

Hope you find peace and happiness

God bless,

Coach Davis
Dallas Lutheran


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Coach Davis unfortunately your the only one that is making this about the kids. I am not attacking a single kid. This is about any program that has this big of an anomaly. I doubt seriously that any other sixman tapps school particularly as small as division III has had 6 stud transfers like this.
Reminder this ain't the kids fault or problem. The kids have done nothing here. This is a system program anomaly.

This isn't just about Baytown I would be concerned if this was any small Christian school athletic anomaly. Ill be quiet if you can show me where this has ever happened in the last 20 years in tapps sixman small school.

You have completely missed the point in your attack on me. Its an anomaly (thats the point) You cant refute that. I am not looking to get Baytown in trouble. I am looking to hope that this does not become the norm.

I am at peace I appreciate your hope. I think your trying to take this in the totally wrong direction as a defense and that's not the true issue here. Your right its not about the kids. Lets not even call it about Baytown. Lets call it about an anomaly.

You playing the distraction card (quit making it about the kids) isn't proper. This ain't about the kids and never has been. Its about a huge abnormality that effects precedence.

I am not interested in attacking you or changing your mind personally. I am interested in making this known so that it does not become the norm. (I am not against giving every kid an opportunity at a better education, I am all for that) (I am against anomalies)

Coach Adams

DirtyBayBulldog":3i2wu7dm said:
Coach Adams, let me be the first on the board to say I was wrong about your 2018 team. Given the number of players and the youth on the team I looked for your team to win 3-4 games....boy was I wrong!

Your staff and players did a fine job this year. You guys are one of my early teams to watch for next year.
Maybe if the T.A.P.P.S. uses two divisions again, Baytown and Allen can have a district matchup.

Jumping ahead, any early commits for the 2019 Allen Classic?

Thanks for the compliment DirtyBayBulldog. Our boys worked hard starting last May and it showed in their play this season. We'll need to have to get after in the weight room, conditioning, and spring ball over the next few months to have similar results in 2019. Our district is pretty tough already. Congrats to Baytown on the state title.

We're excited about our showcase schedule. We have some great match-ups and we may add one more game.

Thursday, August 29th
7:00 pm - Allen Academy (Home) vs. Logos Prep Academy (Away)

Friday, August 30th
5:00 pm - BVCHEA (Home) vs. East Texas Christian Academy (Away)
7:30 pm - New Braunfels Christian Academy (Home) vs. Cedar Park Summit Christian (Away)

Saturday, August 31st
5:00 pm - St. Joseph (Home) vs. Calvert (Away)
7:30 pm - Alpha Omega (Home) vs. Oakwood (Away)


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Sounds like you have had your rear ends handed to you a few times by Baytown pup!!!

Congrats to Coach Anderson and his coaching staff over there at Baytown. Looks like y’all have been doing a great job over there with those young men.

Coach Davis I agree with you 100%. It’s all about mentoring those young men and having them ready for the next step in their life.

Pup you need to check yourself. Those young men had an amazing season and they don’t need some jealous adult taking away from their season by accusing them of cheating!


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You missed the entire ball park test em. If you read my previous post and convo with Coach Davis you will see that I never made it about the kids. Unfortunately, in your effort to detract from the real point you made it about the kids. (refer to previous post on how I support kids)

Nice troll. Your right this ain't about the kids its about an anomaly within Division III tapps sixman football soon to be known as Tapps sixman select league. This is the very thing that gives private school athletics a bad rap. (Once again refer to previous post on how I support the kids.) If you want to make it about something then let it be about an anomaly not kids.