Water Valley vs May

Just about have all arrangements made with local nursing home in Colorado City for a two night stay. Drive in Friday
and leave Sunday. How do we get tickets in advance? Had a little problem last week that I don’t want
to repeat.
Haha that was a problem last week. At least you got the senior discount 🤣🤣
Just found out they play on Saturday. My lil girl is signed up to cheer in that red zone thing at cowboy stadium on Sunday already have hotel for Saturday. Man I’m in limbo!!! May have to let baby girl and mama go one way and me another way then drive all the way to Arlington after the game. If I do it better be a fun happy ready for the next one kind of drive. It’s a long way to be sad. !!! Go Tigers
Not trying to get into your business but my way of thinking is family first. That Lil girl will grow up and move out one day, football will still be here. Just saying.
Looks like Westbrook out of the west they look primed May and WV is a toss up and no one is giving Abbot any respect. WV gets the edge over May
SC seemed to be a little more athletic (skill players) but Westbrook. Athletic, strong, and PHYSICAL. Everyone still playing this time of year is good but time and time again I have seen what separates the eventual champion is PHYSICALITY. No prediction here because I haven't seen May, WV, or Abbott. All I have is this site and streaming, but I got to see that one last night. Have fun everyone and good luck to those remaining. Go get that trophy Water Valley!