Water Valley vs. May


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22-8 May over WV at the half....a lot can happen in one half as we all know but like I said last year ...you can not can't them May boys out of any game....I think the 35 point underdog just rubbed them boys the wrong way....hopefully they can hang on...WV I'm sure will make adjustments...good team with good coaches..

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You guys are absolutely right, May led from start to finish and were definitely the better team. Well coached and very disciplined; kudos to the Tigers on a well deserved win. Time for the WV to regroup and try to figure something out before the Borden County Coyotes come to town next Friday. Otherwise it might get ugly pretty quick in that one.


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Rcblank85":1w9ouhka said:
Yes he does play hard for sure.....all of them boys do....play as a team no super stars....

They do play as a team and if they will play up to there full potential they will be back playing for a state title. Team work always pays off.