Video: Florida 6-Man Championship Game


Played at Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. Fanning Springs Riverside Christian (11-1) defeated Gainesville Cornerstone Academy 47-0 (10-1).

Ave Maria Donahue Academy went 6-0 but didn't go to the playoffs for some reason. They moved from 8-man to 6-man right before the season so that might be the reason. 13 6-man teams played in Florida this year, stretching from north of Gainesville to Ave Maria in the Everglades southeast of Naples.

Florida has a number of significant rule differences compared to other states.
1) the home team can elect to use a 100-yd field, as was the case in the state championship game
2) rosters are capped at 13 plus 6 middle school players if you don't have a middle school team
3) 10 yards for a first down instead of 15
4) no "clean exchange" rule, the person who receives the snap can immediately advance the ball
5) games can be played on fields without goal posts
6) because of difference #5, there is an option to score 2 points on a run or pass from 10 yards out
7) mandatory running clock when leading by 35 or more at the end of the 3rd quarter
8) regular season games end in a tie after 4 overtimes


Here's the 2019 Florida 6-Man Championship Game:

Game played at Lakeland High School. Ave Maria Donahue Academy (12-0) beat defending champs Fanning Springs Riverside Christian (11-2) 63-6

Interesting fact about Ave Maria is that it's a planned Catholic community in rural southwest Florida bankrolled by the founder of Domino's Pizza. 15 teams (up 2 from 2018) played in Florida in 2019.