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MamaPanther":ly3t9u05 said:
mmom#3":ly3t9u05 said:
I call balogne on PC, half the teams around dont even have 15 on thier teams. they have been canceling thier varsity games and picking up jv games when they can....they told one school, who doesnt have a jv team, that they would play a jv game against them, they even named players that the school couldnt bring to play them....thier reasoning was that PC kids left on team were mostly freshman, and small...if I had a dime for every sixman team that was made up of underclassmen id be rich...its silly.

It would be very nice if people would check their facts before jumping to conclusions and running teams down. For the record, PC started 2-a-days with 13 players, and that is including a teammate who was scheduled for his 2ND ACL surgery the first week of school and obviously did not actively participate on the team, although he is listed on the roster. (6newbie was NOT speaking for PC as we have not had 22 players go out for football for the past few years, nor did he claim to be doing so.) We had players injured the first two scrimmages, and the ability to play games coincides with medical releases. We had two freshman who played for maybe two weeks during scrimmages, then quit. We have had 4 other players quit, two of them this week. We had 3 fail (one of these joined the team mid-six weeks,) and another 2 injured. That leaves PC with 4 eligible, uninjured players. There may be a six-man team out there canceling games because they only have 15 players, but it's NOT Panther Creek! We WISH we had 15 players, even small freshmen...
6nembie is from a new 6man school out East.
Give em a few more years to learn the ropes.

that was so PC
I surprised even me).


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Its funny that ive heard from several of the teams yall cancelled on that your coach tried to schedule their JVs after saying they couldnt play the varsity. Sounds like your just trying to save face. Truth of the matter is PC has been kicking tail for a couple decades and now thats its yalls turn you refuse to play.

PC has played AS a JV team all year because we had players that transferred this year and do not live in the district. Our boys knew all season that if they did win any games, it would be counted as a loss, at least until one or more moved into the district. I cannot speak for the coach on any conversations he may have had with other teams, nor do I care to do so, but I DO know that our boys are not afraid to lose. They are not refusing to play. The few boys hanging in there are giving it their all. Even the injured ones are doing everything allowed by doctors to rehabilitate and stay in shape. And please remember as you bash teams, these are kids. They have no control over ANY of this.
No boy bashing here.
Isnt it usually new coaches who cancel games
for assortedly weird reasons.
So then...
they're fair game. Ha.
jus sayin'.


I know people from Panther Creek, you can not tell me they did not have at least 6-8 players that could play when they cancelled their game with Blanket.


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Some Panther Creek facts:
Panther Creek started two a days with 14 players with six returning varsity players. One player couldn't complete two a days due to a torn ACL on his knee (returning varsity player). One player quit and transferred due to conflicts with the coach (returning varsity player). One player was a transfer and had put in a waiver for parental residence. At the first scrimmage, one player was hurt. At the beginning of the second scrimmage the coach was stating that he wanted to play the first two games as JV as the players were not ready to play and they had injuries. In addition, he was considering playing the whole season JV because 1.) the players were not ready. 2.) If they played varsity, the transfers couldn't play. (two more were expected.) 3.) they already had injuries. 4.) the freshmen were notorious for failing. And since the coaches didn't know what the future would hold it was better to play JV. On the first day of school, two transfers came in. One was to move into the district soon. And the other would be ineligible for a year due to his transfer. The coach made arrangements to play Blanket and Santa Anna's JV teams. The Blanket JV game was cancelled due to the fact they had a student transfer and no longer had a JV team. Santa Anna game was cancelled because they found a varsity team to play. At the time the games were rescheduled to JV, Panther Creek had 10 eligible players with two injuries which left 8 players two of which were returning varsity players, one senior that had previously played football, one sophomore who had never played football and the rest were freshmen players. Three of the freshmen were pretty good size. Prior to the first game, two freshmen quit. Panther Creek played Veribest. All three transfers played in the Veribest game. After the Veribest game at practice on Monday, the coach told the players that they were not football players. During this practice, hard hitting was the focus of the game. One freshman ended up with a hurt hand. One of the injured players was cleared for play. However, the coach wasn't going to put him into play until the Rising Star game. Later that week, the cleared injured player slightly re-injured himself. Two additional players went to see the trainer due to injuries. With injuries, those who quit and transfers playing that left 8 players--2 transfers, 6 eligible players. Rochelle game was cancelled due to injuries. Prior to the Rising Star game, another player quit. Now there are 4 players who have quit. Rising Star game was played. At least one was injured during the Rising Star game. It was after this game that we found out that all of the games up to district had been forfeited but would be played. Cherokee game was played. The injured player from Rising Star game played in Cherokee game. He was hurt in the Cherokee game along with another player. During this week between the Cherokee game and the Mullin game, two more players quit. One quit because he had played two games injured and wanted to focus on basketball and golf. Three players failed. So for the Mullin game that left only 10 players. Three of which failed. One hurt and out for the season. One hurt for this game. One transfer. Which leaves only 4 eligible players to play Mullin. Mullin game cancelled.

Panther Creek started two a days with 14 players gained two on the first day of school for a total of 16 players. Of these 16 players, one is hurt and out for the season and three are transfers. This leaves 12 players. Of these 12 players, 6 have quit. And at this time, one is out for failing and one is out due to injury leaving only 4 eligible football players. Two of the three transfers have failed. Leaving only one transfer to play. Which makes for a team of 5 until the injured player can return and bring the number back up to 6.


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westexasflats":313xfb67 said:
Hell far boy's, RS has won 2 or 3 state titles with only 11 men on the team. You bunch of crybabys got 14 or 15 and wont play..
It was just 6newbie
who was overly concerned
with only having 15.
And it does matter where he's from.
Maybe the non-football AD out there
feels differently enough to make a difference.
This is just their 2nd yr in 6man
and they had a newbie FB coach out there last year too.
Maybe it's school policy to give up easy.
(They hired a newbie for a start-up program. Twice?)


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If the numbers are correct, I count 4 players that quit and 3 that failed leaving the team forced to bail on their schedule. I believe I'd evaluate that situation because that's a pretty high percentage for both. If it was going to cost me the season, I believe I'd set up some tutoring and adjust (not compromise) my coaching style to reach those boys before they quit...


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SCONELBRO":31s4azta said:
If the numbers are correct, I count 4 players that quit and 3 that failed leaving the team forced to bail on their schedule. I believe I'd evaluate that situation because that's a pretty high percentage for both. If it was going to cost me the season, I believe I'd set up some tutoring and adjust (not compromise) my coaching style to reach those boys before they quit...
Good Point!!
Nobody waits till report cards to figger out if players are passing.
if players don't care if they pass class
they prolly don't care about the team.
Only themselves.
jus sayin'.


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pc mom, I was never talking about the recent cancellations, and meant I didnt care if yall had 15 players or not, and I have been referring to the santa anna team, when yall cancelled...and yes, they went and played the current state champs, because they would rather take an honest loss than play a jv game with restrictions on who could play, it all seems very shady thats all.


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if pc cant get thier act together, maybe they should just cancel thier season and let the teams in thier district get on with thier schedules.


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Fresh off Panther Creek Website:
Panther Creek has officially forfeited all district football games. Our revised schedule is as follows:

Thursday, October 24
PC @ Robert Lee JV and JH

Thursday, October 31
PC JH @ Lohn

Friday, November 1
Lohn @ PC

Thursday, November 7
PC @ Blackwell JH & JV


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So I've put the facts up so y'all can form your own opinion. Now for my opinion. We didn't know and I don't think any of the players or parents knew that the coach was calling and selecting players that he would not play. This along with telling the boys they are not ready and trying to play JV games undermines the effort the boys have put in all summer getting in shape and trying to learn a new coaches program. You add in his coaching style and derogatory comments to the boys and that is why Panther Creek has a 50% quit rate among eligible players.

Having transfers, injuries and failing grades is something every 6 man coach deals with every year. Getting a team ready and to function like a team is also part of what every coach does every year. So is it the boys not ready or the coach?

If a team atmosphere had been created among the boys then there would not be a 18% failing rate. And more than likely instead of the boys quitting one at a time, they would have quit as a team.

There are a lot of traditions that are not being upheld this season also. Such as MMom #3 has already stated not playing the Santa Anna game. Santa Anna and PC have a county rivalry going on that has been played for many years now. The boys are not allowed to do the circle of jumping jacks and count down Panthers after the game because "they don't deserve to do it".

So how does a school like Panther Creek with a long running traditional football program become what it is this season? There was a time that Panther Creek had a strong athletic program and academic program. Now it seems they have neither. Are times changing that much?


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I don't think anyone was criticizing your boys, PCMOm. Players don't make scheduling decisions. Everybody knows that. I hope y'all get things turned back around soon. Panther Creek has great traditions, and we're rooting for you to get back on your feet.


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Shane I haven't thought that anyone was criticizing the boys including me on any of the posts. I think as adults we all realize the boys don't have anything to do with the scheduling of the games. In fact, sometimes they found out about cancelled games, changed games, etc at the same time everyone else did.

Thanks for the encouragement for PC to get back on their feet.


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It's my understanding our coach was at Nazareth last year and Paint Rock prior to that. Before that I believe he was assistant coach at Gordon.

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ONLY 15 players on the team!! WOW!! Cry me a river. Tell that to the Dell City Cougars who have been playing their hearts out the entire season with ONLY 6 players.


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No Excuses":361dk80q said:
Tell that to the Dell City Cougars who have been playing their hearts out the entire season with ONLY 6 players.
I have absolute respect for teams like that.


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Well it seems that the majority of the remaining football players talked to the superintendent today and quit football. This was due to the way the coach has been talking to them all year long.