Throck vs Windthorst @ Windthorst @ 7:00 pm

PopRay":37f5dy7t said:
Should be very interesting. Is Windthorst considering a step up to 6 man in the near future?
Right now we are not even close to the cut-off number as we are a Div I 1A school with 159 students. Both teams had a hole in their schedule and I guess Throckmorton approached us about playing and since all we could find for this week were neutral games 200 miles away Coach Green figured this option was better since we would host next year as well.

Edward Golden

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Gordon played Powers Oregon a few years ago. They played 8-man the 1st half and 6-man the 2nd half.

Funny thing: Gordon won the 8-man half and Powers won the 6-man....


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Very very sloppy first half. Windthorst had 3 or 4 turnovers and throck had 2 ints and about 3 snaps over qbs head for losses of 10-15 yards each time 7-0 at half


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47-7 throck. But scoreboard didn't put throcks 1 point after up on the scoreboard bc a ref got hurt