Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

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All about the truth said:
Big man running his mouth. Easy to do behind a computer
Still waiting tough guy.
My name is Roscoe Sparks. Pretty clearly written on every post.
People get on here to look up school’s accomplishments and how athletes are doing not running there mouth and cutting coach’s and school member’s down. Well roscoe say I’m a coward we shall see. Lee has done a lot for me and my family on and off the field and to go on here and read the BS u are putting on here about him pisses me off. We are very proud people of our team and coach’s so go hang your Gordon flag back up and go cause problems that way u yard bird.


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I don't know how the vote turned out but wanted to say...
IF as I understand it Coach Lee will remain Head Coach and assume the Superintendet position and that 80-90K figure is right Strawn is getting a bargain. If the average teacher makes 46K and they're getting a 4 time state champ coach and a supe for 40 - 45K each, that's a bargain. I think he's well qualified for both positions having been principal and dealing with supe's for 25 years.
But I'm biased. I met him for the first time on the field in Brownwood in 2003. He's always been a standup, straight forward, look you in the eye guy. Every time I've spoken to him since.
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