The Game is near


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It's almost time for my favorite game of the year. The Aquilla - Abbott match-up is always great. Abbott is the clear favorite this year, but a mercy rule victory is doubtful. I've seen too many of these games to believe either team will be easily beaten. Good luck to both teams in this season's Battle of the Big Cats.
wish i could be there to see it i wish both teams luck and injery free living so far away from the real sixman atmosphere...and your wright it dont matter what the spread is its just about always a great game could go either by 20 or aquilla by 6


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mj1522":16k5gqne said:
I'm pretty sure this game will end early, but you never know!

I say it will be 52 to 6 Abbott.
You may be right, but I've got to give my boys more credit than that.


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Whatever Granger's or any computer predictions are, they won't measure the fight each player will bring. Should be fun to watch none-the-less, with a great atmoshpere.