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tdog5344":27oiikti said:
Mclean out ran and caught up to milford players all day. #1 was very very shifty quick side to side but mclean matched there speed very well...
Really? #10 torched that defense repeatedly.
Both 24 and 20 had a chance to catch him on that 51 yard td and neither touched him.


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BENCHRACER":315kl3si said:
Style ??? From where I was setting up behind milford bench on the second level.
That isn't style, smith gave up!!!!!!
Beat by a better team and Crockett is a much better player hands down.

I suppose you've failed to comprehend my point. 'I'm sure the state games throughout the years are littered with star players "giving up" all season.' & it appears by your last sentence, you simply wanted to interject a point with a common denominator you can understand.


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For the record, Crockett was an all stater last year as a sophomore. His career is now set in stone as one of the best careers in six man football and he still has a year left. With that said, Mclean was able to show case ALL of the talent we have in that game Wednesday! And that is a credit to Milford because we had to play an entire game and use different players, even with Crockett still GOING OFF!!!


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No question in my mind. Crockett's the D1 player of the year/MVP. He ran over or around pretty much anybody he faced all year long. Nobody stopped him much or very often.


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eldrut":1ktwjf3e said:
Crockett the best there is--love to see him play 12 man--stud there also.
Crockett can only play 12 man at Texas A&M. The Aggies are the only team where 11 man is not enough. Sometimes 13 might get it done for them. Getting a good college education trumphs playing college football anyday. All that Glory is very fleeting. Walking around with an arthritic body can really ruin a good life.
eldrut":39feqgip said:
Crockett the best there is--love to see him play 12 man--stud there also.

Take the complement that this yr he was the best 6man players in Texas and played on the best 6man team in Tx. Nothing other than that is proven. Stud in 2A, yes, I’ll give you that. Stud in 3A, a case could be made for and against. Top programs in the 4, 5, and 6A levels? At those levels he’d have to prove it.
Crockett dominated this year, end of story, but with his speed and SIZE there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have. It would have been a huge disappointment had he not. Some of the players on defense that he went up against were bigger guys, but most were smaller by 20-30#. At the 4,5 and 6A levels though he wouldn’t be going up against 160# tackling maniacs like Corbin S. from Milford or 170-180# linebackers. He’d be going up against 200-240# linebackers and DE’s that are just as fast as he is and also battling a proportionally smaller field that would negate his speed even more. Is he a great player? Totally!! Wouldn’t those talents translate identically onto the 11man field, I doubt it.


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I’ve played 11 man in one of the hardest districts in the state in 4-A! I can say with out a doubt, Ben Crockett could play at that level, no doubt about it. I think Ben would be a solid running back, a solid receiver, and probably and amazing safety or linebacker at that level. There is zero doubt in my mind with his ability and hard work he could play at the 4A, 5A, 6A level. Chism Henderson too. The kids can both flat out play.


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Obagain, got to watch spell check, my thoughts on switching teams for Taron and Ben Crockett. I think Taron has been ragged on about enough so I will try to be gentle. Defense is easy, Ben is a hoss on every play. He could have easily been MVP on defense. He could have traded placed with Taron and helped Milford. Taron can hit but is hesitant. He had three tackles.

On offense it is closer. First off, I have a comment/question. It looked likeTaron was making up plays in the huddle. If we had been on the play ground, we would have been drawing them in the dirt? Taron is not in shape to run like he does the entire game. He is so hard to tackle in open field but is only good for 10 - 12 of these runs per game. That is why he passes so much 15-25-1. Taron had nothing left when the game was over. Ben ran the whole game and could have played some more. Yes, he was tired, but not totally exhausted. Ben was 3-4 passing. Taron is not in shape to play for Mclean. Ben is not as elusive as Taron but is still running hard at the end of the game. The ball was put in Taron or Bens hands as soon as possible on each play and we know what the final score was. One thing that I have heard from visiting with people in the six-man world is that Milford has discipline problems. The players make the calls on conditioning etc?

Obagain, I don’t know if this is what you were looking for or not but my opinion is the first half Ben and Taron could have changed teams on offense. The 2nd, Taron is a no show and Ben would have helped Milford. Ben can not be replaced by Taron on defense at Mclean but Milford would be better with Ben on defense the whole game. Is Ben fast? I don’t remember anyone chasing him down when he broke the line of scrimmage.


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Mclean was very disciplined at every single position a true TEAM with an MVP on board. The best team always wins not the best player!!!


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If the best player has a good team to go with him, the best team and player wins. Mclean, Cuero, and some more this past weekend.


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One _pac2018":3qvumjrh said:
Cmon Taron is better then him . McLean is just a better team

Ta'ron can't hold a light to Ben Crockett.
Ta'ron is not as disciplined, doesn't like to be hit
is not in as good of shape, has never been a total team player
gave up in the 3rd quarter of the Championship
and will never make it to play D1 college level.
Ben Crockett on the other side
is all of the above and a lot more.
Ben will be a good D1 college player.
Mclean is the State Champs! ! !
Milford came in second place and thats, "THAT."

Break out the basketballs for now, see you in August.
When the boys suit up again for Six-man football..........


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All you Milford fans that only know no. 1 and Taron should not be allowed to watch Milford football anymore. What about # 9 and # 11 and all the other kids on the team. These are pretty good players and everyone needs to get ready for them next year. Milford Insider, Obagain, and a few more are only about one player that was not even in the top eight on the field in the 2nd half. Milford is not disciplined and not in shape for a full game as I have heard from fans in the six-man world and picked up on at AT&T. Ben Crockett will be back as will a lot of good football players in all classes and all league next fall and I’m already excited so let’s watch a little Basketball, a little baseball, and let these young athletes run track. Good luck in the off season and let these kids be kids.


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I came on this website every week and said milford is more than a 1 man team. In fact all Milford fans have come on here and said this team was full of great 6 man players. The rest of the state said Milford was a 1 man show. My my... how quickly you guys forget.


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Milford was lucky to get as far as they did !!!
If you remember you guys only beat UH by 13 points,
UH had at least 8 turnovers.
Milford had maybe 3?
I say you guys were real lucky to even be on the field at AT&T.
Guess who won that game "MCLEAN"!!!!!!
Mclean is the 2018 STATE CHAMPIONS.
Go play basketball, run track, play marbles, lick your wounds,
what ever you guys do the rest of the year.
And this August when football practice starts
your team better get in shape and stay that way
or Milford want get near AT&T without buying a ticket.
OH I was setting on the Mclean side rooting for them all the way.......


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Milford wasssup lucky to be there?
Milford scored more points than anybody on McLean, Milford scores more points on McLean than Strawn and Garden City combined. You realize the game was tied in the 3rd quater right? Milford only beat Union Hill by 13... but they were 30 point underdogs.... Milford lost to strawn by 8.... Milford gave McLean their hardest game of the year.


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But... Milford will go play basketball and be pretty darn good. And go to track and be pretty darn good.
Then they will go into off season, and get ready for football season. This upcoming senior class is 37-5 so far in their career. They’ve played in all the huge games, RS twice, GC twice, Jonesboro 3 times, Strawn twice, played coach Hayes twice (Crowell, And Coolidge), They played McLean, and they were 31 points away from bringing a championship back to Milford.

The Seniors for next year will be, Ricky Pendleton, Jaylon Davis, Damyan Woodward, Tyvon Gates and JaSean Brooks.
All extremely talented all played a ton of the state game and are definitely ready to step up and lead the team.

Next season the bulldogs of Milford will still be a powerhouse.


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We will be waiting to see that dominating, power house, one man band ! !
Can the boys from Milford muster up enough to make it back to the dance ?
Will they bring their dance shoes or quit early again in the 3rd quarter ?
Till then "INSIDER" go finish eating that CROW you were served by
the 2018 State Champion MCLEAN football team December 19th. LMAO.....
Crow taste better when you let the keyboard rest.
I doubt that you will ever let that happen !!!!!


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You can’t eat crow when your playing in the State championship game. Brick by brick the powerhouse is being built. GOODLUCK to all teams in the rest of the sports this school year.