The BAM/BAM at First


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How can you prove
that there is no such thing as
tie goes to the runner?

I ump little league games and hear this
A LOT !!


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An old softball ump told me when he has that play at first that he really ain't sure on, he'll always give it to the kid that looks like was putting out the most effort. If that 1st baseman is stretched way out there and digs one out clean, she'll get the out on a tie. If the batter is hustling hard and the first baseman just kinda stands there waiting on the ball, the runner's safe.


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You are correct. If a kid hits a screamer to the hole and the shortstop makes a diving stop and a decent throw to first, I'm giving the defensive team the benefit of the doubt. Now, if the batter makes decent contact and hustles to 1st while the defensive team slow plays it, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to the hitter. BUT, the biggest rule in this issue is, I get paid by the OUT not the HOUR. Nine times out of ten, I'm getting an out.


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Howdy_85":4z21jz3h said:
BUT, the biggest rule in this issue is, I get paid by the OUT not the HOUR. Nine times out of ten, I'm getting an out.
I think that's the position MLB umps take. If there's any doubt, call the man out.
For whatever the reason, in my growing up years, tie goes to the runner was almost a sacred practice.


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Good replies all!
Any an out.
I like that!

It's the speed of sound vs. the speed of light.
If you really believe that you can see the touch
at EXACTLY the same time as you hear the ball pop in the glove
you have to call an out.
Because the speed of sound is slower
the ball was already in the glove when you saw the runner touch.

Something I've started saying to complaining coaches is:
"The other coach doesn't seem to have a problem with the call."
Then I turn and walk away
and leave him standing there with his mouth hanging open.


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I've never called ASA, mostly high school ball. Well, my first couple of years I did call some Select League stuff and a few Little League games. I have called a few Cal Ripken regional tournaments. The Select and LL were great experience but tough on an inexperienced guy. No offense to anyone - but there are way too many mommas and grandpas at those games!! LOL

I don't know Lloyd from Midland, but I'll keep an eye open for him. This time of year, we usually get to call playoffs with split crews from other chapters. Makes it interesting if nothing else!