Texas Six-Man Records

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I have been working on this a long time and while I am still needing to research a few things and leads this is what I have for Texas 6-Man Records (and most would be National 6-man Records)

These have been printed in the back of the Dave Campbell's Magazine for several years now and in the State Game Programs by the UIL as well..

I am asking all coaches, former and current and former players to please look over these and if you think someone has better stats from the past please let me know and help me locate that info...MOST coaches I trust not to pad their stats just to set a record so I might ask for confirmation just to be on the safe side.

And I have a much more detailed Records list so PLEASE send me info if any player is even close to these numbers as they will still fall somewhere in the Top 25 in each category.

I also have a few other catagories that I have not shared here as more data is needed to help determain the record (like Total Points Scored in a single season by an Individual which is Dewayne Miles but the number is not 100% accounted for yet as I am missing some of his games PAT kicks)

***Please notice that some single game records were set this year!


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Texas 6-Man Records:
Rushing: Most Rushing Yards:
Single Game: 621 – Tony Diaz, Paint Rock, 2010 v Novice, week 10 (44 carries)
Single Season: 3,798 – Bryan Griffin, Mozelle, 1983, 14 games (337 carries)
Career: 11,866 – Lance Morris, Ira, 2009-12

Rushing: Carries:
Single Game: 47 – Dalton Mitchum, Rankin, 2012, vs Borden County
Single Season: 337 – Bryan Griffin, Mozelle, 1983, 14 games
Career: 828 – Lance Morris, Ira, 2009-12

Rushing: Rushing TDs Scored:
Single Game: 13 – Kyle Molter, Lometa, 2015, v Mullin
Single Season: 72 – DeWayne Miles, Amherst, 1995, 15 games
Career: 179 – Lance Morris, Ira, 2009-12

Receiving: Receptions
Single Game: 13 – Ryan Weidner, Ropes, 2010, v Ira; Jaren Brooks, Grandfalls-Royalty, 2016, v Guthrie-Area & Whiteface-Week 5
Single Season: 94 – Jaren Brooks, Grandfalls-Royalty, 2016 (13 games)
Career: 161 – Gary Farquhar, Throckmorton, 2009-12

Receiving: Receiving Yards
Single Game: 333 – Trevor Dean, Leverett’s Chapel, 2008, v Walnut Springs (12 catches)
Single Season: 1,960 – Gary Farquhar, Throckmorton, 2011, 14 games (70 catches)
Career: 4,439 – Gary Farquhar, Throckmorton, 2009-12 (161 catches)

Receiving: TD Receptions:
Single Game: 7 – Nick Godfrey, Aspermont, 2016, v Rule, week 9; Jaren Brooks, Grandfalls-Royalty, 2016, v Sands, Bi-District
Single Season: 45 – Jaren Brooks, Grandfalls-Royalty, 2016, 13 games
Career: 75 – Gary Farquhar, Throckmorton, 2009-12

Passing: Passing Yards:
Single Game: 845 - Harrison Nowak, Strawn, 2014, v Gustine (22-44-1)
Single Season: 3,724 – Dylan Straley, Lometa, 2011, 12 games
Career: 10,681 – Tyler Ethridge, Richland Springs, 2004-07

Passing: TD Passes:
Single Game: 15 – Harrison Nowak, Strawn, 2014, v Gustine
Single Season: 72 – Dylan Straley, Lometa, 2011, 12 games
Career: 230 – Tyler Ethridge, Richland Springs, 2004-07

Passing: Attempts:
Single Game: 64 – Tristen Hayes, Crowell, 2016, v Happy
Single Season: 458 – Jeff Hill, Westbrook, 1995, 11 games
Career: 774 – Tyler Ethridge, Richland Springs, 2004-07

Passing: Completions:
Single Game: 34 – Jalen Helms, Grandfalls-Royalty, 2016, v Guthrie-Quarter-Finals
Single Season: 277 – Jeff Hill, Westbrook, 1995, 11 games
Career: 522 – Tyler Ethridge, Richland Springs, 2004-07

Total Offense: Yards Gained:
Single Game: 772 – Tony Diaz, Paint Rock, 2010, v Novice (621 rushing, 151 passing)
Single Season: 4,974 – Dalton Mitchum, Rankin, 2012 (3,676 rushing, 1,210 passing, 88 receiving)
Career: *15,217 – Tyler Ethridge, Richland Springs, 2004-07 (10,681 passing, 4,536 rushing, *receiving?)

Defense: Interceptions:
Single Game: 6 – Trey Richey, Jayton, 1984, v Marathon, Semi-Finals; Tony Timmons, Wellman, 1987, v Balmorhea, Bi-District
Single Season: 21 – Tony Timmons, Wellman, 1987
Career: 34 – Bryce Hogue, Throckmorton, 2004-06

Defense: Tackles: (solo & assists combined)
Single Game: 31 – Brandon Lusty, Richland Springs, 1995, v Moran
Single Season: 257 – Robert Parra, Dell City, 1992, 13 games
Career: 660 – Tanner Richey, Borden County, 2009-12

PAT Kicks Made:
Single Game: 12/12 – Alex Castillo, Leverett’s Chapel, 2014, v Savoy, Bi-District

Longest Field Goal: 47 yards – Ray Walls, Blackwell, 1987, v Ira

Longest Punt Return: 70 yards – Bryan Griffin, Mozelle, 1983, v Novice

Team Win Streak: 70 – Fort Hancock, 1988-92 (all under same Head Coach Danny Medina)

State Championships: Wins:
School: 7 – Richland Springs, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
Coach: 7 – Jerry Burkhart, Richland Springs, 2004, 06, 07, 10, 11, 12, 15

Team: Most Points Scored in a Game:
Single Team: 132 – Trent, 2009, Week 6 v Novice (132-86)
Both Teams Combined: Public School v Private School: 232 – Fort Davis 124 Midland Christian 108, 2011, Week 4; Public School v Public School: 221 – Paint Rock 112 Novice 109, 2010, Week 10

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A good example of something I have been trying to track down is 2008 Star Football Game Films, Newspaper articles and Stats...because their RB Orlando Bell rushed for some crazy numbers that season...but Star didnt have a stat keeper! If you remember Star didnt even have a Head Coach until about the 2nd day AFTER 2-A-Days started!

Bell might have rushed for over 4,000 yards that season but there is no way of finding out unless I can get every single game film which I have been trying to do for over 6 years now...and I only have 2...

I know some guys probably had better stats/records than this (career Interceptions come to mind) but unless I can get some kind of verification I cant qualify the claim

I have always and are still willing to transfer any and all VHS tapes sent to me to dvd for free for anyone who wants that done...and who know your films just might help confirm a record!

Leman Saunders

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Was just given some season totals for this season which sets and ties a few more records. Thanks to all who take the time to look through these and help!