Texas Six Man Football Independent Bowl Series


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Baird_Bears":3bbyn5e4 said:
The Texas Independent Sixman Coaches Association (TISCA) Represents the 32 schools/teams playing outlaw/independent football in 2019. We had a committee of 6 coaches set the parameters for the All-State Team. Every school/team had the chance to nominate a player(s) and every coach that nominated a player had the chance to vote. Just like every other post season team the top vote getters were our superlatives, then 1st team, 2nd team and honorable mention. We obviously don't have the opportunity to be part of an All-District team and wanted our players to receive some recognition.

Link to the TISCA All-State Team
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ODn0SZ ... 0UjGo/view
I agree but those same coaches do not vote for all state superlatives!!


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First of all thanks to the kids who had to sacrifice their senior year like y’all stated. Sounds like adults making decisions for kids. Might be the best decision, who knows. All I have said is this is a bowl series championship not a state championship. I’m fine with that but say what it is. I coached for a lot of years and retired without a state championship. Played in 2 and lost to a better team! We played in a playoff system and we lost. I appreciate the non district honors and I salute the fact that y’all want to give awards. I think we do this for kids or I hope we do! Y’all do a great job!! Congratulations to the bowl series champions and all that played in it!!

You’re a very negative person, I’m sorry for your experience in losing, but that has nothing to do with what has gone on now. It would be really nice if you would stop posting just because your negative experiences coaching. I’m pretty sure we all agree on that bud.
Harvey don’t listen to any of that . What you do for the kids and independent is amazing and god will be greeting you at his gate one day ! Just to make the haters even more mad buy rings next year haha can’t wait to see the comments then

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On Fox News today there is an interview with Coach Lou Holtz that describes being at the White House to celebrate a National Championship and losing a player that same night.
He says it all better than I can.