Teams to watch for in 2007-2008 Season


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Happy may be the team to beat in Region 1, but as usual someone will have to beat Naz. The winner of this region usually is the class of the state.


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Happy lost only 2 seniors. One was a full time starter and the other was a starter depending on the team being played. Happy also has 4 move in kids. All 4 should fill in nicely. I also think Happy is the team to beat in this region this year. But just as I said about R.S., Nazareth is the champ until someone beats them on the field of play. Last year the 4 teams that made the regionals in this region were all senior laiden teams except Happy.


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Sterling City lost every kid who scored a varsity point in distict with the exception of a few JVers who played the last game of the year against Blackwell.

Region II - Rankin, Roby, Rule, Ira, BC should all be good

Look for Grady to be good, Sands will be tough

That's all I can think of right here around the Midland area

Old Bearkat

I wonder if Sands is swinging back to being a basketball power and football patsy like they were in the 60's and 70's. With a few exceptional years, you could count on clobbering them in football and getting clobbered in basketball back then.


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I know I am going to be watching McLean this year. They picked up a new coach with alot of experience!
And the wind seems to be blowing in Kress. They cleaned house and brought in 2 new basketball coaches. Are the Kangaroos going to try and make a statement?
Talking of new coaches, Claude also hired a new coach.
Could make for some interesting turn of events for everybody.


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I wonder about the Richland Springs, Lohn, and Eden district. I think that Richland who won it last year did not loose alot, but the bulldogs from Eden lost 6 seniors.