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I would love to hear from my TAPPS friends that once were a part of TCAF. What’s your honest opinion of the two leagues. We looked into TAPPS a few years ago and we may be looking again for next year. Do you have district meetings and do the coaches have a voice in things or is it managed from The top and that’s final? How are schedules populated? How are in game problems resolved? Competition wise we feel we can compete. We just have concerns with coaches not getting to have any input or players given a chance to speak. From what I remember from our meeting with TAPPS was that coaches within the districts have a real voice in district issues. Just like to hear your take.
Can’t speak for all TAPPS district but every district we have been involved in has been great. Haven’t had any big issues to really test the system of higher ups . I did go to the big TAPPS meeting last year and everyone that had any issues was given a turn to be heard. Most things in district are cared for within the district. I was in TCAF for 6 years and now in TAPPS for 4 years . Data tracking is a lot better in TAPPS. Over the last 4 years travel has been a little more in TAPPS, getting better. At least you know what your schedule is for 2 years. TCAF changes each year and made it hard scheduling. Sorry TCAF but I have to say I like being apart of TAPPS better . Hope to see you apart of TAPPS soon Azle!! Congrats on the season!!