TAPPS 2017 Finals


TAPPS Finals are scheduled for Thursday, December 7th at

Waco Midway Panther Stadium
800 Hewitt Dr -- Hewitt, Texas 76643
information at http://www.tapps.biz

11 am - Division I Finals
Dallas Lutheran (12-1) vs Austin Veritas (10-3)

3 pm - Division III Finals
Granbury NCTA (7-5) vs Seguin Lifegate Christian (8-3)
Radio broadcast on KWED 1580 AM starts at 2:30 pm (online at www.seguintoday.com)

7 pm - Division II Finals
Waco Live Oak (7-6) vs Bulverde Bracken Christian (10-2)


Jerry Forest (PigskinPrep.com) calls them this way:

Dallas Lutheran by 14
Seguin Lifegate Christian by 23
Bulverde Bracken Christian by 7

Granger's toy calls it

Dallas Lutheran by 9
Seguin Lifegate Christian by 41
Bulverde Bracken Christian by 6


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Seguin should have no trouble winning it all.
Veritas is tougher than most people think and will win it over Dallas Lutheran by 14.
Live Oak is peaking at the perfect time and will win by 17.


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DI- Don't really follow the "big" schools so don't know much about this game. I did hear that Lutheran is loaded with athletes, maybe not scheme, but they have athletes. What does that tell me? I don't know.... Which team plays defense? They both give up 32 points per game. I am leaning towards Veritas because they have played a much tougher schedule and they are a south team. Veritas 54- Lutheran 34

DII- Live Oak is going to 45 Bracken, or close to it. Sounds like Live Oak is getting back up to full strength, they have played a much tougher schedule and Coach Helton will do a better job on defense. Live Oak plays a lot of spread which will give Bracken fits. Live Oak 64- Bracken 24

DIII- Seguin will 45 Granbury. Granbury has a habit of giving up a lot of points. A bad thing as Seguin will take those points and then play their normal pressure defense. A frustrated Granbury team will start coughing up the ball or throwing picks and shying away from hits. Seguin rolls to their second State title. Seguin 60- Granbury 12

With all that being said, I realize there are many factors that contribute to a team victory. Injuries, weather, turnovers, and DEFENSE all play a significant part in a State title. May all the teams stay healthy, have great weather, hold on to the ball and play hard until the final whistle.


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Interesting info.
Watched video of Bracken beating Fredricksburg.
The difference in that game was 4 interceptions thrown by Fredricksburg (and 1 fumble).
Looking at stats, Waco's QB has only thrown 3 INTs all year (and has 17 TDs in the playoffs alone).
If the cold weather doesn't make people drop the ball, that looks to tilt in Live Oak's favor.
Should be a fun game to watch (TAPPS is going to stream it live).


Having Played Dallas Lutheran this year, I am taking them and their athletes by 20. They have solid players on both sides of the ball with a star at RB.


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More interesting info.
The Waco paper wrote up a story about the Bulverde-Live Oak game (found it online).
Bukverde has 2 powerful running backs with 38 TDs between them (they run a tight offense with lots of misdirection plays).
Live Oak has 3 or 4 running backs who rotate but their senior "all purpose" back has accounted for more than 60 TDs by himself (running, receiving, throwing).
Just makes you want the game to hurry up and start.....


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Missed 1st two games but 7:00 game was fun to watch.
Bracken came to play and they were good but no match for the talent on either side of the ball for Live Oak.
QB for Live Oak (#1 Bailey) was a machine. I think he hit his 1st 8 without a miss. Mostly short to mid range passes. Had a couple of good runs. Several TD's.
Both backs for Live Oak (#2 Hill and #18 Jahrmarkt) had to work to get through some hard hitting but racked up the yards and scored multiple times. Hill also had a punt return for TD.
On defense, #13 Stringer and #9 Mencken each had multiple tackles for loss.
No weaknesses on part of Live Oak for Bracken to exploit.
Final score 66-30 Live Oak.
It's their second straight title for TAPPS and I think they have been in the title game for 5 straight years and have won 4 of the last 7 going back to when they were so small they had to include home schoolers and played for TCAL.