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McLean surprised me as they graduated 4 excellent seniors off of arguably one if the top 5 best teams in last 10 years. Never gave em a chance to get back to AT$T. Milford I had picked to play Blum for best of the east surprised me as well. D2 I think groom played way better than most thought and on the east Strawn did better than expected losing all those great seniors.


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Teams like Rising Star surprised me because they never quit. All year long they had to play banged up or forfeit the season. I know the didn’t when a lot but they showed heart all season. Zephyr and Santa Anna didn’t do as well as I thought they would.


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Rochelle was a big surprise not because I didn’t think they had talent but because they are young with a new coaching staff and a few bad seasons stuck in their heads. Those kids worked hard the coaches kept them dialed into what they were trying to do and they finished 8-3 I think with losses coming at hands of the State champion RS coyotes l, a pretty good blanket team in the playoffs and a loaded Eden Squad while short handed. So I think that’s big for a team with a couple wins in last 4 years. Those kids and coaches won’t stop working so watch for Rochelle to continue to improve and compete a little deeper next year!!


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I didn't realize it at the start of the season but looking backwards. Motley County. Who'd of thunk with 3 seniors, 2 juniors and all those sophomores they would have wound up at AT&T. And with Richards breaking the state single season rushing record in that game.

Then again who would have picked Blum from the east in D1 to get there, never before, then a 45 point underdog to win it all?