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Why are we not talking about the new additions at strawn? Seems like they are gonna make some noise. The Freshman looks real special.
Strawn only graduated 2 starters I believe off a team that made the Semi-finals and came very close to winning that game...should have been preseason #1 or #2 without adding anyone
He is their best player at strawn from what I’ve seen, extremely athletic but seems to be the smartest kid on field as well to say I was very impressed is a understatement
I couldn't get quote to work but regarding legit the Strawn ISD site shows as staff James Rigdon as a coach and Stacy Rigdon as a instructional aide.
I hope Strawn focuses on defense and playing as a team before dwelling on the playoffs.
Very good point, any team hoping for a playoff run will have to do those things. They should be very excited about the talent they already had returning and the new kids that came in, I’ve heard the new coach is as talented as his kids so it should make for a great season for the greyhounds
Does anyone know who SJMCS is? Strawn's next opponent, I think. It seems Brookesmith canceled due to numbers. Thanks to Julie Elrod at Microplex News for the link.

SJMCS actually stands for Smoking for Jesus Ministries Christian School. I looked it up in DCTF. They where the TCAL D2 state champions last yr. They prolly gonna wish they didn't take this game.
Judge for yourself. The one thing that I like about Coach Frazier and his group at Smoking For Jesus is that they pretty much Facebook Live a lot of their games/scrimmages. I think they will show well for themselves. Their Facebook page is