Strawn and Gordon game thoughts?

People think it’s getting back to the old days. My thoughts, Gordon has a schedule that strawn jv would dominate and strawn kept there tough schedule that I feel Gordon would be winless. Strawn wins big just because strawn has been put to the test and Gordon hasn’t. Would love to have a shirt that Gordon has made about wrecking the 3 Pete. Gordon people sell it u would make money on strawn accomplishment in the last three years

Leman Saunders

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I will be there!

Will be my third Gordon v Strawn game (2008 playoff game, 2016 game at Gordon...Strawn won both)

Gordon did beat Newcastle who is a solid team that is underrated imo...I have came to know good people in both towns...hate picking but...

Give me Strawn

PS Bobbie Brown (Texas 1a Fan fame) and I will attempt to eat at Mary's about win!
I think this may be a repeat of the year when they played twice, once in the regular season and once in the playoffs with each team winning one. The playoff bracket looks navigable for both to meet again.
The way the bracket looks Strawn and Gordon will have a rematch game in the quarterfinals. This game is for bragging rights and a district title. Hope it’s a good one not like the ones I have watch in the last two years.


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TebowTime15":37keupll said:
Wow! 27 to 26 is a weird score!

Yeah, Coach Reed pulled a bit of a trick play after their last TD. Lined up for a xp kick then hiked to the kicker who passed to a wide open guy over the middle. Gambled on one and won.
Strawn scored to match them then missed the xp kick to win. But let's not blame the kicker. Without JW's two TD's they wouldn't have been in that position in the first place.
Strawn had an opportunity to go up by two scores at one point. Both teams missed opportunities to score more. Good game, some Hard hits on both sides. Multiple fumbles by both teams if I remember right, maybe it was not being used to the cold, I know I got that way and thought I'd dressed pretty warm. But I was sitting still. It was weird seeing Meagan Hogkins working the Gordon concession stand. I know she married one of those Gordon Kosthia's, but she was a Strawn cheerleader.
As I said on another thread previously they may well meet again in the playoff's.
Hat's off to the Horn's, and Coach Cervantes D or it might not have been that close.

Edward Golden

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6th grader but going to be good. Reed has a son in that class also along with about 10 other boys that play everything. Excellent group. Lyle Campbell has a son in the 5th grade also.


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Sounds like the future looks bright for the Horns down the road.
I figure there's a decent chance the Hounds and Horns meet again in the quarter final in three weeks on Thanksgiving weekend if I'm looking at the calendar right. Wonder if it might be in Mineral Wells like the playoff game in 08?
Strawn better figure out a way to stop Hoss on those sweeps if it happens.
The winner likely gets RS in the semi.