State predictions?


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Any predictions for the state game?

Although I would like to see Jonesboro get there first title, I don't know if they can handle the borden offense. Good luck to both ball clubs.

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It's only one game, if you have the right game plan any thing is possible. Both teams have great athletes. Should be a great game.
Jerry and the Coyotes in Jerry's World should be a good one. I'll take RS on this one and I wouldn't miss it at all, already told the boss I need off Dec.14th at lunch.
Im looking forward to next wednesday. Gonna call in sick and watch some great football teams coached by some darn good coaches.

I think the both coyotes will prevail.


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Division I

Richland Springs is on another level. No doubt V Jones will have Balmorhea ready but they'll be facing a different animal.
Richland Springs over Balmorhea

Division II
Jonesboro FINALLY got over the Regional Finals/Semi Finals jinx (Richland Springs or Calvert beat them every year). So my mind tells me IF those two were still in the path of Jonesboro, would they be playing on Dec. 14.

Borden County has been my pick from day 1.

Borden County wins HUGE in this one (36 point victory)

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Would Borden County be there IF Bret Tyler were still in 6 man.

Don't know diddly cuckle-burrs about Jonesboro except I knew when they got away from Div. II, they would be a true threat in the East.
I just don't think it will be enough to over-throw Borden County.

I know all the EAST people will start churping about remember last year when NO-ONE in the West gave Abbott a chance over Crowell.
But at the end of the day, here's what I see happening on the BLUE STAR of JERRY WORLD


DI - Borden County over Jonesboro
DII - Richland Springs over Balmorhea


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I'm going with richland in the D2 side. They have seemed unstoppable this year. I think the best team to put them away was milford but once I noticed their stud wasn't playing it was game over!

I'm going with the underdog Jonesboro Eagles in D1. I've heard that they will have their full roster back on the field for jerry world! Could be lethal to BC to have that Jonesboro backfield rested up and running on all cylinders.....


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I think "Jerry World" will have a different meaning after this year's game............