Sink hole under Richland Springs trophy display


I can't believe you brought up something my dad told me about years ago. There is a well out at the Taylor place where my grandparents lived. Some geologists from A&M heard about it, put on scuba gear and down they went. They reported there was a big enough lake under that hill to launch a boat in.

I know this is not football, but did you ever year of the San Saba treasure? The story goes that some bank robbers hid a large sum of money under some rocks either around Richland Springs or San Saba.

Who knows the story of "Beat 'em Both." No-it is not about the next two games RS has coming up. You get the prize if you can name the town with the names of "Beat 'em Both" and - - - - - - - -. l
No one took a guess. The answer is ALGERITA. The people living there claimed they were going to be better towns than San Saba or Richland Springs.


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I remember looking down into the water well close to my grandparent's house close to Richland Springs. Yes: there was something in the water-- a dead armadillo.

Speaking of dead armadillos, something a lowly yote might be interested in, as well as a pack of hungry dogs. Did you drink from the well shortly afterwards?

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