Season went poorly... need some input on unbalanced I


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Well my season went poorly.. I tried to run an O'Brien Wingset and didn't get the buy in from the players that I had hoped for... they couldn't wrap their heads around having only 1 linemen sooo...... This year I am going to go a little more normal looking to appease the masses!

I am looking for unbalanced I information. I have attached a pic of the formation I am looking at.
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So I have a few plays drawn up but I would really like to hear from people that have run this and see what their thought process and reason for running it were. I picked up Coach Underwoods Book on 6 man football and I have read it thoroughly and that has got me too the point I am at now.

I can correspond either here or via email but video chat is a real problem as I have an extremely slow internet connection. So if you think you can spare a minute or 3 and toss some help my way I would be greatly appreciative.

Also how would I get ahold of Coach Burkhart about some of the 6 man coaching seminar lectures?


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Nice I was in Canada the past two summers (Hafford and Kerrobert). I wouldn't mind helping you out just send me a message on here with you email and I grew up running the J-Bird offense in Abbott and have used it since I've started coaching.

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1985 Jayton playoff games are up on youtube and film from 2000 Panther Creek, both of which ran this formation excellently.

85 Jayton v Sierra Blanca

85 Jayton v Weinert (SemiFinal)

00 Panther Creek v Aquilla

00 Panther Creek v Abbott
Thanks! Those were enjoyable to watch!