School Choice and Funding


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Idaho just passed a bill that provides funding for school choice. Here is a link to the news: Idaho School Choice

Parents may use the funds to send their children to Private Schools, including Catholic or Christian schools.

I taught school in Australia at a Private School in the late 90s and all teacher salaries in both public and private schools at that time were paid by the government. The thought was that all parents pay taxes that go to educational funds, therefore, all students and their schools were entitled to those funds.

As you probably know, property taxes fund Texas public schools based on average daily attendance. Everyone, including renters pay property taxes in one way or another. For example, landlords pay property taxes, if taxes increase, rent goes up! Since all parents are paying taxes, then those funds should go to the education of all students regardless of where they go to school. In rural Texas the impact would be minimal, since there not many private schools there.

Many will argue that the separation of church and state prevents tax funds from going to religious schools, I disagree especially since the system being implemented in Idaho provide for the funds to go directly to the families, who then decide where to send the children along with the money.