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This site, the Rockwall Heritage site and Lonestarfootball all say they play Hermleigh in Strawn on Saturday the 29th (1st two say 6:00). The Hermleigh site schedule and a recent article on it say Friday night at 7:30 in Strawn. Does anybody know for sure? ... or-opener/

BTW, Heritage has Five football coaches? In sixman?


51eleven":11h4655h said:
BTW, Heritage has Five football coaches? In sixman?

Since private schools are not in the UIL, they are not required to have full-time, staff coaches -- which is why most public school six-man coaching staffs are two or three guys.

Private schools often depend on volunteers or stipend paid coaches, as either full time or part time coaches. TAPPS deserves some credit; over the past several years they require all coaches (including part-time, stipend and volunteer) to be accredited with training that includes a COPE-style review of rules and standards of good sportsmanship, concussion and first aid training, and sport-specific training; some of which can be obtained through on-line study through NFHS.