SCHEDULE for Bucket List


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Each year I start looking early for weekends that has games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. When you get old and retired you can go anytime you can rake up the money. My Brother and I like to find games scheduled for these three nights that we can make a game a night and possibly more than one on Saturday. We have made Jayton and Gorman in the past. If there is any way that the West Texas teams, and I mean West, could schedule, maybe 2024, games that fans could catch a game each night and possibly two on Saturday, I for one would appreciate it. I’m talking about one weekend, possibly early October, and advertise it. If played up, fans could bring money to the motels and eating places in your area. It is hard to justify driving that far from East of Dallas for one game. Panhandle area, how about y’all looking at possible 2024 or 2025 and do the same thing? We find playoff games we can sometimes make more than one but we can not plan during playoffs like regular season. We find more than one game some, but not as often as we would like. I think we have three the 2nd weekend so far this year and lots of schedules are not posted. Each area could do same thing. My brother and I are not the only crazy ones in the state. I know this can be a hassle to Coaches and Administrators but y’all will be old sometimes.