Saint Jo @ Union Hill

Old folks home my internet ain’t good enough to download those videos. In East Texas y’all must have the good netzero. You are such a math magician too! Congrats. Glad you can watch games Friday nights on the nursing home field trips but what do y’all do after high school football is over? Back to the bingo halls or do y’all login to Whatever floats your boat! I got to get back to Walter though cause he trying to find his food bowl. Y’all keepem prickly!


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Old folks, they won’t even see each other in the playoffs. This is Abbott’s year and they will take down UH before Saint Jo can get their rematch and Blum will be playoff ready and will be a tough game for Saint Jo in round 2. Doesn’t matter anyways, because Rankin will win the title this year as SFA stated earlier.

Also, Game Traveler, quit trolling old folks. I was taught growing up to respect your elders. Just a thought.


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Thanks for the info HoosierDaddy. I will write these names down and do more research.

Game Traveler, they have great internet in this nursing home. They turn it off at 10:00 pm but I have a hot spot that I am sometimes able to slip out. I have to use an i-pad because these trifocals and my big fingers don’t work real good on a cell phone. My younger brother usually gets me to games. He is the one that got me interested in six-man. With all this Chinese virus and all, this has been a bad year for going to games.

You talked about my math magician. I won the math contest when I was 14 and in the fifth grade.

Take care of Walter, Sweet tea, and all your pets. I plan on being at The State Championship no matter who is playing.