Blue Bird

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Milford and Garden City had one common team that they played. That would be Strawn. Milford lost to Strawn and Garden City beat Strawn, It is really that simple. Of course, all three lost to McLean.


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Well Mclean is the clear number 1, and I was listing the other teams based on the hardest opponents we had. I feel my list is very accurate and fair.


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I wonder how many will remember what the rankings were this particular year in the distant future............ if they do they are probably not living a very happy life.................

Johnny South

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The missed ranking that jumps out at me is Baytown Christian. They should be no lower than #5 overall, and maybe even higher than that. They were head and shoulders above any other private.

Another one is Follett being ranked way too high. But none of these rankings amounts to a hill of beans. I would just like to see them line up a little bit more to my liking!
Same thing happened last year. BC beat Jonesboro in the state game and the final rankings had Happy at 2 and Jonesboro further down.
GC may have even been 3rd. This just shows how strong the Division 1 teams are in the West. BC beat Union Hill and White Deer beat BC this year. There is more than just one game that determines the rankings. ..but as stated already, it doesn't matter.


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The top 4 teams were obviously McLean, GC, Milford, and Strawn. If I were ranking them, I’d go McLean, Strawn, Milford, GC.