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what is everyone's predictions on tonight's games as well as the district?

Kopperl by 35

Blum by 45


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BigFan1377":84efo886 said:
well pretty much hit that one on the head.

this district will finish as

5. Covington 0-4 / 1-3
4. Gholson 1-3 / 0-4
4 & 5 can go either way, not for sure.... BUT top 3 will be
3. Kopperl 2-2
2. Aquilla 3-1
1. Blum 4-0


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are there some injuries up in Covington? That could play a real factor in the season. I think if healthy it should be as follows.

Blum 4-0
Aquilla 3-1
Covington 2-2
Kopperl 1-3
Gholson 0-4

If injuries in Covington and they are big ones then I could easily see it Kopperl and Covington switched.

cozmo cramer

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No PUN intended, but this district race will be decided friday night.
Spots 1 and 2 are up for grabs.

Aquilla @ Blum
I'm taking Blum in a VERY high scoring game (Blum 84 Aquilla 43)...

The rest of this district will be playing for viddles.

The other game on tap for Friday is Kopperl @ Covington, I'm hyping this game as THE BATTLE OF THE BIRDS........... The toy has Kopperl by 2.
I'm taking Kopperl in a VERY EXCITING game, Kopperl by 6 (Kopperl 56 - Covington 50)
Kopperl scores on last play of game but takes a knee on the extra point)

1. Blum
2. Aquilla
3. Kopperl
4. Covington
5. Gholson


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Aquilla's problem is inconsistency. If They play like they did against Abbott, it will be a very good game. If they play the way they did against Bynum, Blum will send them home early.


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I assume BigFan13 is MIA this week...

So I'll take over.

Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't every game other than Gholson vs Kopperl been a 45ing up to this point.
Well the trend continues..... two 45ing's this week as well

Covington vs Aquilla...............Aquilla by 49 (will be up by 43 and score a td)
Blum vs. Gholson...................Blum by 46 (will be up by 40 and score a td)


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Hey there not MIA just sitting back and processing. Dont want to fuel the fire to much. I will give my predictions though Aquilla wins easily probably by 50 and Blum Gholson well that is I just hope that the Blum coach knows he can get alot of work for his backups this week.

As I said before this district is not good outside of Blum and Aquilla. I agree with Cowboy if Aquilla could just be consistent then we could talk about there actually being two decent teams the other three just are not very good they beat the teams they are suppose to and get beat like they should against teams they should lose to.

Final district standings and overalls not real impressive outside of Blum even they havent played a real tough schedule when you see records outside of Abbott and Crowell and they are 1-1 against them. I would even say the Aquilla non district seems to be a better success than Blum but obviously losing to Blum puts you behind them.

Overall, non district (predicted district)
Blum - 8-1, 4-1 (4-0) Beat Water Valley (4-4), Abbott (7-1), North Central Academy (4-4),
Johnson County(2 -7) Covington (5-3), Aquilla (5-3), Kopperl (2-7)

Aquilla - 7-3, 4-2 (3-1) Beat Coolidge (5-3), Mount Calm (7-1), Bynum (3-5), Milford (6-2), Gholson (2-6)

Covington - 6-4, 4-2 (2-2) Beat Arlington Newman (4-4), Avalon (2-6), Moran (1-6), Gustine (4-5),
Kopperl (2-6)

Kopperl - 2-8, 1-5 (1-3) Beat Penelope (0-8), Gholson (2-6)

Gholson - 2-8, 2-4 (0-4) Beat Penelope (0-8), Cranfills Gap (1-9)*by forfeit

When you take the win percentage against teams that each has beaten its actually impressive that Aquilla isnt the best team. Toughest overall Strength of Schedule I would say Aquilla.

opponent winning percentage Teams they lost to
(against teams they beat)(against teams they lost to)
Blum - 29-29 (.500) (1.00) Crowell (7-0)

Aquilla - 23-17(.575) (.920) Blum (7-1), Happy (9-0), Abbott (7-1)

Covington - 13-27 (.325) (.667) Iredell (6-2), Bynum (3-5), Blum (7-1)

Kopperl - 2-14 (.125) (.789) NCTA (4-4), Evant (7-1), Iredell (6-2), WS (7-1),
Jonesboro (9-0), Blum (7-1) Covington (5-3)

Gholson - 1-17 (.055) (.489) Oglesby (6-2), Milford (6-2), Avalon (2-6),
Bynum (3-5), Kopperl (2-7), Aquilla (5-3)

Well enough numbers and stats just let the games be played as they will be played. Sorry Kramer for going rogue on you but I am here if you need anything.