Olfen - week 3


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Different team this week than the one I watched at the kick off classic. They seem to be believing in themselves. They know they can score, and they are applying the fundamentals so much better.

Got the chance to watch the jr high game. There is a good group of youngsters there, when they get to the high school they will make a difference. Played hard and consistent and posted a win.

When the varsity took the field I was hoping for a close game but the Eagles had other ideas. They took the fight to the mustangs and never looked back. For a young, inexperienced team, they played well. Coach Jackson is working his magic here. Far fewer mistakes, and I saw and intensity that bodes well for the future.

My notes on the game are an indication on how far they have come in 3 weeks.
Opening kick off, return it for a TD. Follow that up by stopping the mustang offence 4 and out. Sweep right for the second TD. 14-0 with 5:38 remaining in the 1st.

That pretty much sets the stage, one stripped ball and the defense ran it back for a TD.
Follow that up by holding the offense again and getting a safety. run the free kick back for a TD.

I think I saw Coach Jackson trying not to take it to them but the kids were pumped and on fire.
I think the team is growing more confident and hope they can stay healthy. Without any reserves, it could be a long season.