oldest highschool 6 man football player

Bo Simpson, Trent...I think he was class 2001...he had to get a wavier to play in 1999 and he played in 2000
(come at me coach Rios LOL)
If memory serves me UIL granted his wavier bc he was homeschooled prior bc he was taking care of and living with a disabled relative that was age related I think...old school Trent folks can correct me if I am not remembering correctly

Also he was a STUD, one of the best RBs I played against
Let it go, Leman! LOL!
Exceptional athlete, went on to SFA to be a decathlete and get his CPA degree. 50+ shot put, 6'6" HJ, 23+ LJ and 10.8 in the 100m, and could dunk a basketball at 5'8" under the rim.
I couldn’t grow a full mustache until I was in my 30’s when we played may in 84 we ask our coach to have ya’s birth certificate subpoena . Keep in mind Roy McCown was born with a Mallet and a full-grown beard at birth !!!
I didn't turn 19 until after I got out of school. I could grow a beard when I was 14. Roy McCown