No Love for Wilson Or New Home


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I Look at the rankings & spreads dawson & loop have losing rankings but they are ranked better than Wilson & New Home. Then they are favored to beat both teams this week. Come on show some love when you are 6-1 & 5-2 you should get more respect than what you are getting.


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This is a close district, the way I have them ranked is:

Dawson - 63.75
Loop - 49.23
New Home - 48.11
Wilson - 41.19

While Dawson might have a slight advantage the field is crazy tight after that. And in reality a 14 point lead in six man ratings is almost the same as heads up.

While the system says Dawson by 15 and Loop by 8, these games could go either way.

Shad Kline

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Like Pete, I have em pretty tight too, but in a different order.

Loop 134
Wilson 112
Dawson 111
New Home 97

I think it should be a very interesting district.