Most Anticipated Games of 2022


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From the Fence:
Have to say the most anticipated games should be district games for me, although yes i am excited for any game really as long as its on the ol' 80x40. First 4 or 5 games sometimes 6 games in smaller districts are there to build the team and see where they stand. There are some awesome matches early in the season and I'm looking forward to seeing as many as I can.
Now you all know or will realize shortly I am a Wildcat Fan/Dad from Westbrook. I am biased for my team and kids 100%.
Westbrook proved last year the first 6 games get you where you need to be to make the district/playoff run. You work through injuries, you fill holes and you grind to be better than you were last week. It is good to see more teams running the gauntlet of pre-district games this year. Schedules are loaded with great matchups but believe me only us Wildcat Faithful believed what would happen last year after such a turbulent start to the season!!!
To be the best, you have to beat the best. And to beat the best you have to be standing on the sidelines of Jerry's World in December. And 11-4 is a whole lot better record than 14-1 when you're wearing a State Championship Ring!!!
It's not always the first six games that decide the final result, but yes, they are important. I like your post because it's inspiring :) Good attitude towards your team, albeit biased :)
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