Milford Bulldogs next year

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What about the balmorhea bears? They only lose one senior and he isn't even a starter. Could they possibly meet Richland in the state finals again next year ?
bulldog88tx":3p90e4fv said:
All great teams. I would say Milford was RS biggest challenge this year. The East is loaded.
I have to disagree with you on that one. Although I feel that RS is clearly the most dominate team in each of the wins, Balmorhea would be their strongest opponent even though they got 45'd. Early in the 3rd, Balmorhea lost #9 and #24 who are two way starters for the bears. They didn't return till mid 4th quarter. It was 30-40 at the half, and the time period they were out Richland went up 30+. I do agree though that Milford is an exceptional team, but Balmorhea may be a bit more. D1&D2 West Balmorhea is the best, and best out of both divisions combined is RS IMO.
First of all, Big congratulations to the Richland Springs Coyotes on an amazing season! Also congrats to the Bears of Balmorhea on a great season. Next season Milford will be bringing back #1 and #13 who both gave RS fits at spreadback, and they will only lose one starter that played against RS. Losing to RS hurt these guys because despite what the message board said they had no doubt they would win. However, they lost. I do believe next season they will bounce back and be motivated to make a big push to take it to RS. They key with these kids will be getting them in the weight room!!!!


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OffensiveJuggernot":l1h6fm64 said:
The bulldogs will be a year stronger, a year faster, and a lot louder. There going to be a real problem next season
I can think of a couple of teams that will be a year older, etc.............
OffensiveJuggernot":iab1p4tu said:
And Milford played without there best defensive player for the entire game and there best offensive player in the second half... we're not making excuses. Next man up.

I agree with you when you say no excuses and to man up. Balmorhea made it to state, Milford didn't. Regardless of what happened, Balmorhea made it to state and played Richland. Milford didn't. Balmorhea will end up doing it again, Milford won't. End of discussion.