May Tigers


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What’s the story on May this year. I see that there 7-0 and don’t seem to be getting a lot of the spotlight?
They 45d a good Knox City team last night.

Blue Bird

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Low hanging fruit, but there is some truth to that statement. Who would have thought two years ago that Santa Anna, Throckmorton, and Water Valley would be ranked where they are? However, Knox City is a better than average team and May played really well. May had three players on the sideline in street clothes, two of them are two way starters and one that is a dependable sub who would have started against Knox City's spread. May still ended the game at half time and looked good doing it!


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When you make agree to play a team for two stand by your word. We have seen this year that a bunch of teams cancelled and some with very little notice. You play with the cards you were dealt. Just playing devils advocate on this one. Plus momentum can be a very powerful thing.