Longest six man football play ever?

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The Fayette County Panthers were hosting the Victoria Cobras last Friday night at Kenjura Field in Brenham, Texas. With three seconds left in the game, and the ball on the Cobra's ten yard line, the Cobras #3, spread back Brandon Fojt, ran a sweep to the left, broke several tackles, and reversed toward the middle of the field where a foot race began toward the Panthers' end zone. The Panthers have it ingrained to Never give up pursuit, "even if he runs through the end zone all the way to the bus barn".
With that directive in mind, the Panthers # 95, David Harvey was chasing Fojt when the ball suddenly and inexplicably popped loose, straight up into the air where Harvey picked it off in full stride. His momentum carried him all the way to the Panthers goal line where he was able to gain control and start off back toward the Cobras' goal line. Harvey started down his left side of the field and avoided a tackle at the 30 yard line and headed to the center of the field where he avoided another tackle at the 40 and broke to the far sideline.
Harvey was finally run down from behind by the Cobras # 55 Nick Bennett at the Cobras 10 yard line, the 0riginal line of scrimmage.
All in all, the play covered over 140 yards, there was a change of possession without the ball touching the ground, the ball passed the goal line on one end of the field but not the other, nobody scored and it took over 33 seconds from start to finish !