Local places on the road for good food

Mae's Meat Market in Eastland TX!!

Wenzel Lone Star Meat in Hamilton TX Open 9 AM, Close 6 PM. They do have a Facebook Page and a webpage.
oneday":3fkhkyf5 said:
Big G's in Tuscola. Its right by the school. I have not had anything bad in there! I always get an app of Fried Green Tomatos! They are the best!

The Homeplace outside of Tuscola is also very good, a family style joint. They have the cheesiest mac & cheese on the planet!

Big G's in Tuscola is no more! Gone!

The Homeplace outisde of Tuscola may also be closed. Or running on a revised reduced schedule. This one bears further investigation.
The Icehouse in Albany is good.

Isabella's in Knox City is good.

Ma's Crossroads in Santa Anna is good. Turn on to the Brady highway, jump the RR Tracks and there it is!
Judy's Cafe in my town of Duncanville, Texas

Good cooking, Mrs. Laura will serve you well, tell her Coach Davis sent you. I usually go for breakfast about 7am

get the short stack with eggs over medium and sausage. $6.47 can't beat that!
Southside BBQ in Cherokee. Really good example of Hill Country BBQ. Beans are self-serve and come with every order. Only open Friday-Sunday. Ask Chris if she has any Boston Butt. They don’t pull it, served sliced.
I know you said no towns over 5000, BUT, Wichita Falls should be exempted for Coaches Conference week.
So, at the risk of being “roasted”, pun intended! Salt and Pepper, close to the mall and Hampton on a side street. Mediterranean flair, small, unique. Take the wife. Fox Hill, a beautiful home built in 1922, fantastic food, great dining areas where the large bedrooms, family room and study used to be and a neat tucked away bar. Food, grounds and atmosphere are wonderful! On the road from Wichita stop in Seymour at Blessings. A former home as well, off the highway, behind the school. Hard to find, worth the effort, small, only 5 or 6 tables. Great breakfast, including wonderful breakfast tacos. Small lunch menu but very interesting food with a Belizean flair and seasonings. And when you get to Leakey on Tuesday or Friday you got to go to Chicken Earls. They have Great fried chicken. Family owned Forever Did I say they have fantastic fried chicken? On Friday you can get fried chicken or fried fish. Oh, I don’t want to forget, they have FANTASTIC FRIED CHICKEN.
Murdoch":1boh0kyu said:
Well the regular season has come to an end and evidently nobody ate anything. What's the world coming to?

Too stuffed full to yak about it.......
This was started in 2011 so if it is possible to raise the price a couple of dollars, Mary’s in Strawn but everyone knows that, Blue Agave in Blackwell and we had the special and it was $10.00 drink and tax included, Ponderosa Restaurant and it’s just outside Snyder city limits west side hwy 180, Highland football stadium, Iredell Cafe, Pittsburg Hotlinks, Blackland Smokehouse in Roscoe, and a few more. I will pay more attention next time.
Found a new Mary’s in Colorado City. Mary’s Cafe, Chicken Fried Steak, I’m not going to be the judge because they are both delicious. Breakfast in Colorado City is out of this world. If in Strawn, go to Mary’s. If in Colorado City, go to Mary’s. Water Valley Wildcat Tailgaters is a great place to be invited to. Great food and great people.
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