Let the games begin


As district play fires up it looks as if everyone will be looking to knock Blum out of the captain's seat. If Blum takes first? Could it be Gholson in 2nd? Is everyone counting Aquilla and Abbott out of the race? Could Covington be the dark horse to win the district? Who knows guess we will have to wait and see. All I know is that cool crisp fall air is brewing and excitment is rising. So good luck to each and every team and may the boys all stay heathy. And with that said I'll of course have to make my picks

Blum - Leading the pack
Aquilla - Comin together and have taken some top opponents to the wire
Abbott - Never count them out its Abbott
Covington - Can they pull off some big wins
Gholson - Could take 2nd hard to tell due to preseason schedule but do have some talent