It’s the most beautiful time of the year


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No, Tiny Tim, it’s not Christmas. I’m talking Deer Season. That wonderful season where some discover they have more friends than they realized (if you just happen to have a few hunting spots still available).
Now understand I haven’t hunted deer in 50 years. Don’t like the pasture rats at all. Ole Smokey does enjoy the currency of the realm though and you can buy lots of rib-eyes for what hunting leases are bringing right now.
We are fortunate to have a great bunch of hunters and they do a superlative job of managing themselves which really makes me happy. They asked if they could shoot hogs year round and I told them only if they brought a couple thousand of their buddies with them. I did ask them to start keeping count of hogs this season and they have eradicated 60+ since October 1. They have guesstimated over 250 this year alone. I told them that was a good start and if they need more Ammo to let me know.
Guess I better enjoy it while I can...... old Joe, Kamala and Nancy will probably figure out a way to prohibit killing hogs soon enough.......