Is the West Overrated?


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Watching the D1 game today reminded me of 2015 when another school from Hill County represented the East in the D1 championship. Cooper Thorhill, Blum’s Head Coach, was serving as the Abbott DC back in 2015 and they entered Shotwell Stadium as 45 point underdogs to Crowell, the defending state champs. Public opinion held that Abbott would be lucky to make it to halftime, but the panthers prevailed 40-30. Similarly, defending champ McLean was favored by 45 today and the general consensus was that the bobcats would be overwhelmed. So my question is this: Are the teams out West overrated when compared to those from the East? I think the numbers would show that a 45 point spread in the regular season will be an accurate predictor of the game’s winner about 95% of the time. But in an East vs West title game it seems that public sentiments, and the computers, can be wildly inaccurate.


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I don’t think is overrated and I’ll be the first to admit I have been crucial of the 2 divisions but in but cases we have to remember football is cyclical and in both divisions east or west there will be down times for teams.