If the NFL played six-man


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This is an extremely pointless topic and is a bit out there, but I thought it was kind of fun to think about. If the NFL went sixman, and you were an owner who had to assemble a 10 man roster to play sixman, who would you pick? I got:
Dak Prescott-QB/SB
Travis Frederick-C/DT
Rob Gronkowski-TE/DE
David Johnson-RB/S
Ezekiel Elliott-RB/MLB
Travis Kelce-TE/DE
Richard Sherman-CB/WR
Patrick Peterson-CB/WR
Sean Lee-MLB
Dan Bailey-K

I'd run mainly gun T with Frederick, Gronk and Kelce on the O-line dominating the line of scrimmage, and Zeke and Johnson a two-headed monster shredding defenses out of the backfield, with the occasional bootleg. Feed the ball to Gronk in the flats and he's unstoppable, plus him and Kelce are lethal red zone threats.

On defense I'd have Gronk and Kelce on the D-line, Lee at linebacker, Sherman and Peterson shutting down the pass, and Johnson as safety since he's quick and agile.
Player Position Hgt WT 40 Bench Vert
Zeke RB/LB 6 225 4.47 NA 32.5
Vernon Davis E/E 6'3" 254 4.39 33 42.0
Luke Kuechly E/LB 6'3" 242 4.58 27 38.0
Laron Landry RB /S 6 213 4.38 NA 37.5
Julio Jones WR/CB 6'3" 220 4.34 17 38.5
JJ Watt C/E 6'5" 290 4.81 34 37.0
Tyrod Taylor SB/S 6 217 4.47 NA 37.5
Khalil Mack E/LB 6'2" 251 4.65 23 40.0
Myles Garrett C/E 6'4" 272 4.64 33 41.0
Chris Conley WR/CB 6'1" 213 4.35 18 45.0

Physical Beasts. Run Spread, and J-Bird

SB- Tyrod Taylor
RB-Laron Landry
WR-Juilio Jones
WR-Chris Conley
C- JJ Watt

QB- Tyrod Taylor
RB- Laron Landry
C-JJ Watt
G-Myles Garrett
E-Vernon Davis

WSE- Myles Garrett
LB Luke
CB- Julio Jones
CB- Chris Conley
S-Laron Landry

Sub-Khalil Mack for every position.