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Hey Tx,
Praying for you Brother, you CAN change to more positive and less negative. I know. For many years I was full of Hate. Mostly at God. At 44 He took my 23 year old son. 8 months later He took my Dad. We were the 3 Musketeers. Did everything together, hunted, fished, hung out. Suddenly I was Alone. I HATED GOD ! I Hated the story of how Abraham was going to kill his son because God told him to. What the hell kind of father is that?
Over the years I was shown my Hate covered up the Truth. God was preparing to Sacrifice His Son for all of us.
Then in 2000, at the age of 51, He gave me another son. I turned 71 in August, my son turned 20 on September the 5 th 2020.
I learned the hard way that Hate will destroy you and your life.
I truly Pray no one has to learn the lessons I learned.
Hate and Saturn will Destroy you. Let it go.
God Bless, and may you find Peace and share it with others.


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FCSU, You need to can some of that hot air you are spewing and save it for a cold winter day.

Biden 2020!!! Make America Forgetful! lol
Biden is America’s answer to Justin Trudeau................ I’m sure they would get along famously.................