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District Championship on the line this week...should be a very physical match-up....May is favored by six....May has played top caliber teams all year, they are no stranger to big games and they are playing at home....I think it's May in a very close battle....May wins by 16


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I just listened to the Strawn - May game. Others who saw both Strawn - May and Strawn - Gordon know better than I... But, Gordon is big, fast, and they block well. And I don't think they're skeer'd of anybody (being it's Halloween).

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It's the battles of #7 and I think the best one is a tiger. The way I see it this teams may very well meet again in a few weeks. If I am correct in 08 Gordon and Strawn played on a Halloween night. Gordon was the winner but the Hounds would get the last laugh.

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I see what you did there Old Bearkat.... haha

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May blocked extremely well, physical and strong .
Defensive recap - May gets off blocks well, physical and strong
Pretty much sums it up