Going from 11 man to 6 man junior high and high school. Need some ideas please.


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Coached 11 man for years but took a job coaching 6 man junior high and high school football. Need some basic ideas and philosophy concerning 6 man. Any help is much appreciated.

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Why is that book $500? The cheapest one on Amazon is $150.
I am not sure, I bought one last year for $50 and since I am retiring recently gave it to our Defensive Coordinator. I have a folder here, the O'Brien , that has a presentation from Brent Goleman, previously at Bastrop Tribe from a few years' back on his version of the O'Brien Wing along with the video clips, a play book I used and modified this past year, plus defensive schemes I used while at Medina a few years ago. The O'Brien and the J-Bird offenses use basic block schemes very similar to the wing or slot T from 11 man that include blocking down with two lead blockers reading the defensive end with the first blocker either kicking him out or logging him to the inside while the second blocker reads the first block and either cuts inside the kick out or goes outside the log block. In the O'Brien the lead blocker is the FB and the second blocker is the QB or "Q" as Coach Goleman called him.

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The Big Country Hall of Fame, which is in the Mall of Abilene, has a few copies of Underwood's book for sale I believe (unless they have sold out)

There is a lot of film on youtube: Sixman Film & Sixmania channels

There is a coach on Twitter who breaks down a lot of plays on film as well (name escapes me for some reason right now)