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I think I heard about a female kicker in 6 man (or some league) that kicked a field goal. Could (or would) a young lady play another position at a 6 Man/Lady school? I've seen a few crack-back blocks that I can't imagine a female living to tell about it. We are already "sissyfieing" the NFL and it is just a matter of time before all of their namby-pamby rules affect all of football. When you step on that field, you should be going to just short of war. If we add girls (not to mention transgenders) we may as well meet at the 50 and play pattycake! How long would Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters last in a current NFL game? Probably until the first pass play against them. Oh for the days when football was nothing but football (no politics or hate of country), when plays were over when they were over (no instant replay on almost every play), when team members remained with one team (it is called LOYALTY), and we, the viewing public, could not wait for the next game.


I won't ever get into the argument of should could play with anybody bc its none of my business. Leman can back me up on this one here. There was a girl we played against at Veribest named Amanda I think that would play every down with the boys to field a team. Matter of fact I don't think they would've fielded a team very easy without her. If I remember right she could handle whatever. Anyway, like I said just bringing that up out of the memory box. Not sure whatever happened to that gal, but I guarantee you she is probably well on her feet somewhere like any of these small town kids. Leman remembers her too as she was the only girl I remember ever playing against.

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There was a girl from Kopperl that played in the Sixman allstar game In the summer of 2015. A kicker that was good at her job.