Garden City


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If you see this please take a minute and say a prayer for the Garden City Bearkats. Don’t know any details but they lost someone unexpected last night.

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He rolled his pickup 2 miles north of town and was ejected from it. I lost a brother the same way in 1976 on the same road, except it was south of town.


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Thank you to everyone on this board, and those who have reached out to me personally. This has been rough on everyone here. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers as we try to deal with this tragedy. He was truly a great young man who everyone cared for deeply. We will get through this. Thanks again.


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Coach the Covenant Classical community sends its condolences and prayers to all of you. I lost a player in an accident in the season back in 2008 it was the hardest thing I have ever experienced as a coach.