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Different Types of Mattress Toppers Comparison: Advantages and Disadvantages

A mattress topper is by order of magnitude a cheaper and simpler investment to improve your sleeping experience than throwing away your entire mattress and replace it with a new one. Even though they are optional and most people don’t even know about their existence, a high quality mattress topper can provide you with an additional layer of support and comfort and will also help in regulating your body temperature throughout the night.

Furthermore, a good mattress topper is also a wonderful tool to transform your old mattress. In fact, a mattress topper can extend the life of your old mattress by a couple more years before it needs a complete replacement.

In this article, we will be looking into the different types of mattress toppers. At the end of the article, you will know just how to choose a mattress topper that suits your needs and your preference.

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The Many Types of Mattress Toppers

When we talk about “types”, we are actually talking about the material that they are made out of. Usually, you will find the highest rated mattress toppers to be made from out of five materials:

- Latex

- Memory foam

- Polyester blends

Each is different from one another in terms of pricing, support, firmness, flexibility, body heat regulation, and other things like motion isolation.


A latex topper provides a lot of support and is the ideal choice for people with aches and pains. Latex also has excellent motion isolation. If you sleep with a partner who tends to toss and turn a lot, try and sleep on top of a latex topper and you won’t even notice their movements at all. Latex is also quite durable and promises to last you for some time.

It may not be a good choice for people who prefer sleeping on a soft sleep surface since latex is quite bouncy and firm. Of course, for people with latex allergy, this is a no-go.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has become very popular in recent years. They are extremely soft and comfortable to sleep on and they provide plenty of support and stress alleviation for those with arthritic and painful joints. Memory foam also has pretty good motion isolation (albeit not as good as latex since it is not as firm.) If you plan to use a topper to upgrade your old mattress and extend its service time, memory foam is a good candidate.

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On the other hand, memory foam typically doesn’t have a lot of breathabilities so they can be pretty hot. And since the foam is so soft, you will sink into the topper, which makes it difficult to turn over or shift around while you are in bed. Not to mention, memory foam is much more expensive than other materials.


Polyester (or “fiberfill”) is a fine choice for people who want to have an affordable topper, such as those who are on the hunt for the best mattress topper for college. Polyester is also soft and doesn’t have odors from out of the box.

The disadvantages are numerous, though. When compared to latex or memory foam, it doesn’t have a lot of cushioning and support. Polyester is also very hot and is not very durable. A polyester topper can become lumpy and compress after some time using.


With that said, regardless of what is it that you are looking for in the best mattress topper reviews, we hope that you have found this short article to be helpful to your research.

Happy buying!