Few weeks away


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Let’s go already. The season can’t get here fast enough. Ready to see these Mustangs in action, we look strong, fast and DEEP. Flip the coin already let’s play ball

Blue Bird

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Stir up interest among family and in the community? I have only attended one and decided then than it was much too late for me to be up!


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I’m not trying to hate on anyone that does it. If that’s the purpose to stir Interest ect. And it helps the team out in some way by all means go for it. I just never really understood the point of it. I guess I was never around one and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. If I was a coach I guess it could be used as a mental factor for the boys to get excited about the upcoming season. The fans.?.? Naaa. If they aren’t already on board then oh well.


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Only advantage for the midnight start would be the 20 degrees cooler. Otherwise Mom and Dad would not be thrilled to be driving junior back and forth in the middle of the night unless good ole coach does that chore too.

Coach Adams

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We have midnight madness for the first padded practice. But, we do a lock-in so don't have to worry about kids driving or mom/dad having to pick up after we're done.


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They’re four seasons in Texas:
Hell frozen over season
Hell lite season
Hell season
Football season

Three of the seasons comes and goes and almost fells like one long season. But one of those seasons, the transition is quicker than a hiccup. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel it. It doesn’t matter where in the state you are, you know when the season approaches. The boys of fall comes out to represent for their school, their city. Rather it’s six or sixty of them, they’re mentally and physically preparing for the long trips and tough battles ahead. You don’t need a watch to know what time it is. It’s football season.