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You guys sure like to speculate a lot! Both schools have great athletes. It should be a great game this fall!


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You have Aquilla ranked too low. They should be around #4 or 5. Coolidge way too high, #12-15. Milford also way too high around #8-10.

Mexican Englishman with Coolidge landing Coach Hays along with his son, that just adds more weapons to this group.
Coolidge will 45 Aquilla, Beat Milford by 8-16 and will possibly be playing for the state title. Skyler Hays along with state-savy coaching will put Coolidge as the best team in the East.
Are you implying that Skylar Hayes is better than Ta’Ron Smith? Ta’Ron made Crowell, Skylar and Coach Hayes look like a JV team last year.
Didn't Ta'Ron get beat by Strawn by 31 points ? Maybe Coach Lee wont put the JV in and go ahead and 45 them Dawgs this year. Ta'Ron may be the best player , but you need the best team and coach. Strawn proved they have both!


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2017 was strawns year, great 2nd half and a great win vs Milford. But one thing I do know is that Milford loves revenge games, ask Abbott, Jonesboro, and Richland. Once you beat these kids they want nothing more to get back at you. Week 4 in Strawn should be awesome... I’ll be there.

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Granger, would your rankings be more accurate if you started everyone at 150? You would be able to start making picks and point spreads after the first week of games.


probably not. Here's my reasoning:

With the season only being 10 games and so many teams, you don't get enough crossover between groups. These could be defined as geographical regions, or districts or even conferences. You certainly don't get enough to know a strength of schedule very quickly.

Honestly, the best indicator of your season is how you did last season. Of course players (and coaches) changes, but this is a lot more effective to start with. The key is to allow teams to have free range early in the season. What I mean by that is they much move a ton if things are off. Were two teams off, then do a huge course correction.

With six-man you also get some teams that are hugely different within their own season. What I mean by this are the teams that are great early, then maybe lose their top player or two and just aren't the same team. The result is they end up muddled somewhere in the middle of their good and bad. This can go the other way as well for teams that are 'late bloomers'

The system will always have errors in it. I now have over 260 teams in the preseason file and I think I am missing a few.