District 13 Predictions Week 5


Big spreads across district 13 this week. Can they cover? I listed my thoughts below. Let me know if you think they are right or wrong.

Avalon At Mt Calm - Avalon favored by 45
I predict Avalon - 68 Mt. Calm 22 - Goes into the 3rd Qrt.

J.C.S.A. at Blum - Blum favored by 45
I predict Blum 60 J.C.S.A. 12 - Goes into the 3rd Qrt.

Bynum at Gholson - Gholson favored by 45
I predict Gholson 56 Bynum 12 - Goes all 4 Qrts.

Covington at Walnut Springs - Walnut Springs favored by 40
I predict Walnut Springs 72 Covington 32 - Goes all 4 Qrts.

Kopperl at Penelope - Penelope favored by 45
I predict Penelope 56 kopperl 8 - Over at half


New member
Avalon rolls over a Disappointing Mt Calm team by 45

Blum gets to play there subs ALOT tonight and still comes away with a 45 point victory.

Bynum gets taken out behind the good ole' Gholson wood shed for an old fashion beat-down.
Gholson by 45

Walnut Springs jumps on Covington early and often. WS by 45

Cinderella Penelope lays the smack down on lowly Kopperl by 45